This page is dedicated to my son Marc Pouliot

Born Dec. 11, 1983 - Passed Sept. 25th 2011 at the age of 27

Are You Ready?

He walked in to my life off the street one day
I heard the anxiety in the receptionist’s voice
In the safety of my office I couldn’t stay
So I went out to meet him, I had no choice.

Used to go to this school, you know
Got into a lot of trouble though
Used to terrorize the teachers, we were really bad
Spent a lot of time in there, didn’t really care.

Come on in and tell me about it, time I had.
He walked around the room, wouldn’t sit down.

The old principal used to drink you know,

kept a bottle in his desk, he frowned.
Hey, you got a guitar! Can I play a song for you...?

Wrote this at Canuck Place...

He brought that instrument of wood and steel to life
Told his story, the happiness and strife
I sat and listened, the job could wait
This was important...the report would be late.
His music resounded in my bones
He bent the notes into plaintive tones
I knew there was a reason he was here
As I cleared my throat and dried a tear

Would you play your song and talk to the kids? I asked
At first he was uncertain then he warmed to the task.

Right now? What do you want me to say?
Some of the teachers may not welcome me back
I almost gave one of them a heart attack.

Play your song, it won’t take long
Tell the kids what it’s like living with cancer
They will have some questions you could answer.
So he played and he was right.
Startled some of the teachers, gave them a fright.
But oh those students, did they ever listen.
Tears in their eyes gleamed and glistened.
I think of that day and what brought us together
When I was going through a bout of stormy weather.
What brought him into my life?

The boy from the hood, full of mischief,
Proud and tall he stood.
Don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay.
Eyes steady,  it’s all good.
Are you ready?...
he asked
Yeah, I’m up to the task.
Let’s do it!

He gave me strengths in my beliefs
Yet for him time was a thief
I’ll miss that fine young lad
One of the best teachers I ever had.

Marc – a musician, a fighter, a believer, a kind and gentle man
With love and respect,

Mike Weddell

Poem written and read by Mr. Mike Weddell at Marc's funeral October 1, 2011

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Marc embraced a courageous battle, living with terminal brain cancer for 15 years.

He beat all odds diagnosed by his doctors.  His life was one of optimism, strength, integrity, will, fortitude & perseverance. He  lived with the attitude of never giving up, yet living life as if each day was his last.  Marc leaves behind his legacy written in his autobiography;

Life Through the Eyes of an Hourglass
as told by Marc and lovingly written by his mom Melanie. 

Surprise reunion with Marc and Ross Click on picture to watch

Marc  Age 17

Marc and Mr. Mike Weddell (Principal) at Happyvale School in 2000.

Marc receiving an Award of Courage

Marc's memorial video shown at his service  Oct. 1st,  2011 in Kamloops, BC

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Watch this video: Marc's story on Shaw TV  

​Episode 18 Race to a Million - Squeeze The Day!

“Marc inspires people to become better in their everyday lives.”
“Marc taught me how to listen to my life.”
“Marc showed me how to ‘Take a sad song and make it better.’”
Quotes from letters to Marc

Percentage of proceeds from sale of book will be donated to Vancouver Children's Hospital Oncology Clinic and Kamloops Hospice Association

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“Marc is a living legend and his living legacy is a testament to the world of what a passion for life and a will to live can do for us all.”

~ Phil de Guerre

"Marc was more than just a young man visiting Canuck Place Hospice for treatments or respite – he was a friend, to me, to the other staff, but especially to the other kids in house. No matter what he was going through, at times considerable, he was always concerned about others. Cool, charming, considerate and fun – Canuck Place was always better for having him there.

The courage with which he waged his battle was inspiring, I think of him often in times of challenge and suck it up and face it. The positivity which he exuded was contagious. The other kids looked up to Marc and wanted to be around him. A humble rock star, a cool role model, a shot of adrenalin, his optimism lit up the room."

~ Ross Hetherington Executive Director Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon

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