"Dear Mel,

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing PSYCH-K with me.  Since my first session with you, I have experienced so many changes, both within myself and in my environment.  

It feels as though my whole sense of being has shifted and new opportunities are unfolding.  Life may not have changed, but how I'm looking at it and experiencing it have!
I know the results aren't always immediate, but I look forward to each session with you, as I come away feeling more balanced.  Thank you for your gentle and encouraging ways.  With gratitude."

JR ~Kamloops BC   2010

Dear Melanie,

"I am so pleased with the results I have had from our Psych- K session. I have felt like I have been in a rut for some time. I have not had the energy or the desire to exercise.

After our session I began walking again and have returned to Yoga. I had forgotten how much I loved it.

I am enjoying the results. Thank you again."

CN~Victoria, B.C.  2010

Paraphrased from a clients e-mail: 

"I have been realizing there have been so many instances in my life when I said "yes" when I wanted to say "no." It feels like such an organic way to balance my life. 
I have known for quite some time that "trusting" myself is something I need to master~ and you have led me to discover that starting with "yes means yes" and "no means no" is the most basic element in that shift.  It's as if all those times I said "yes", when I wanted to say "no", I let a part of myself bleed out. 
 How can I thank you?

I am so grateful to you for your teachings, healing work, intuition, and so much more. I am so looking forward to  to living my life in new and freeing ways."


 Peggy P ~ Sun Peaks, BC  2018

No Depression Anymore
"Hi Melanie, I like to tell you and to all people, they want to hear this story, about the successful Psych-K session, that I had with you.
My husband picked me up after the session. We were in the car and were talking about what happened during this session. We were talking about this and that and suddenly I started crying and couldn't stop. I was crying for the rest of the evening. I went to bed (still crying) and had a good sleep this night. My eyes were swollen next morning, but I felt good. So I went for a walk with our dog. The sky was so blue like never before in my life. It felt like my eyes were wide open and the view was so clear, the sun was never so bright before. The smell of fresh air, I never did smell it before. And from this day on (it was March 2011) my life is wonderful.
I am dealing with depressions about 11 years. I know ups and downs very well. Since last March, my life is changed. Of course I have a "shitty" day, but it is normal. Everybody has one once in a while. But no depressions anymore!

I want encourage people with depressions in having a Psych-K® session with Mel. Try it. It is worth it!"

IT ~ Germany  2012

"I came to Melanie this spring in a state of emotional despair due to several influences in my life at the time, including problems with self-esteem, relationships, and poor eating habits. Mel did a PSYCH-K session with me and since then I have seen profound changes in my life. Today I love and value myself very much, I feel centred and peaceful, and I make very healthy decisions with people, work and family. I now have a deep relationship with my Divine Spirit, which has literally changed me. 
I feel lifted and guided, I am free now. Thank you, Mel, I am so grateful to you for your healing work. Your gifts have changed my life."

SC~ Victoria, BC   2013

"Dear Melanie, Thank you so much for introducing me to PHYSCH-K. I have struggled forever with my weight. I have always had cravings for things like popcorn and chips. I have found it so difficult to resist these foods especially at night while watching TV.

After one PSYCH-K® session I no longer desire these foods like I used to. I am able to enjoy popcorn at a movie night out. It is no longer part of my daily routine. In addition your nutritional advice and amazing recipes has helped me prepare snacks that are healthy and I enjoy much more. Thank you!"

NC ~ Victoria, B.C.  2009

​​Core Belief Balance Testimonial:

I came to Melanie 6 months ago after working in the mental health field for 30 years.  I  was challenged again by feelings of self-doubt,  struggling with speaking   my truth and  second guessing myself  based on people’s reactions to  the decisions  I was making in my life.  I am an active, grounded person who draws on intellect and understanding to make sense of things.

Mel has helped me to be  more confident in  my intuition and spiritual  guidance.
I had 4 Psych K® sessions. The sessions were powerful and covered so much information I was amazed! Mel is a gifted, gentle intuitive guide. Her professionalism, knowledge of and demonstration of the   powerful benefits of intensional living in her own life is nothing less than inspirational.
I am losing my vision and am almost totally blind. This is a scary transition for me. I live with depression managed on medication and a commitment to self-care. I ascribe the self-doubt to growing blindness.

In the first session in the Discovery process,  Mel tested me for one of 13 Core Beliefs, one being  “I want to live”.  Sub consciously it turned out I didn’t. Mel did a series of locking in exercises with me until “I want to live” was my sub conscious Belief (program) and it matched my conscious thought. It was like Magic!!! Turns out I had made many deals with my subconscious  over the past 57 years that I had no idea of.
I am happy to report I have  consistently felt strong in myself, I choose to  speak my truth and I second guess myself far less, no matter  what or who challenges my life’s path and journey.

The Psych K® was immediate and has been a part of removing  those niggling thoughts that daunted me.

I recommend everyone  take the opportunity to explore their sub conscious belief systems with Mel. It’s powerful and has been a game changer in my life. 
Lisa B ~Sun Peaks, B.C.   2018

I have had the privilege of working with Melanie for healing work. I have had wonderful results working with her. She has a genuine, loving nature and is very real and a true person.  She is available and so willing and open to help her clients.  

Her work is incredible and I hope you will take the opportunity to work with Melanie as she changes lives. 

Melissa ~ Vancouver, BC.  2015


When you rewrite the software of your mind,

you change the printout of your life… and the world!

"Melanie gave my daughter and I a PSYCH-K® treatment and  the results have been incredible! 

My daughter suffers from anxiety attacks and since she has had the treatment she has slept better, not been as anxious and calmer.

We were really getting desperate as the attacks were coming on quite frequently and severe. 
My own experience has been remarkable as well. I have wanted to get into shape now for years. Since the treatment I have been doing an exercise video almost daily. This past week I had to go to Victoria and while I was there I climbed Mt. Doug with my daughter. I did not have time to do my video but when I got home I plugged in that video with a huge smile on my face and loved every minute of it. 
Needless to say the results have been amazing. My legs are stronger and I am finally starting to feel good again.  

A number of people have commented on how much younger I look. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to achieve their goals and to change their lives." 

CS ~Campbell River, B.C.