On a Personal Note:

My oldest son Marc asked me to write his autobiography before he passed in 2011 to share his journey of living with terminal brain cancer. It was important for him to leave his legacy telling his personal story of overcoming, determination and commitment to living his life to the fullest in the midst of 'no hope', given a death sentence of only months to live. He wanted to inspire or encourage others who were told a similar fate;  "never give up, show up for yourself and live each day as it it is your last."

With already having this website, I used it as a link for people to find Marc's autobiography.  This platform was a convenient way for people to connect with me to be able to order his book or to see the locations where it was available in our area. 

When our youngest son Adam passed in 2016, we had grieving parents wanting to connect with us for support for the loss of their loved one who had also passed from the fentanyl pandemic.  At the time it was gentler on my heart to be able to send them to my site to access links that could provide information and support.  

My website also  provided me a place to share stories and pictures of my precious children such as The Encounter, A serendipitous moment in time and a few other happenings that have helped make the hard stuff and little easier.

If you have come across my site for the first time and don't know me, then having these pages of my children, and showing my vulnerability as a mother and not just a practitioner, will hopefully put you at ease to connect with me to ask questions or submit comments or to meet with me for an Appointment.  I am here for you.  

I have consciously dedicated myself to carry on as difficult as it has been at times, to live my best life and to thrive in surviving the loss of my children. One of the best ways for me has been to continue playing and doing the things I love and also to be a support to others who are in need.

I chose to sell my home of 28 years in the city and move to the mountains where I can ski every day and be in nature and a peaceful, healthy, clean environment.  It had always been my dream, and now I am living it. This is due to what I have learned over the years; to not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.  Life can be short, and we don't know when that time will come for us.  "Live for Today" as my son Marc would say (pg. 90 of his autobiography)... Your heart will always show the way. 

The Services you see here on my website have been a life line to me personally and have provided me the tools to overcome and rise above my circumstances supporting my physical and mental health.

My Nutrition education was 6 years prior to Marc being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer back in 1990 enabling me to support him naturally and confidently against all odds.​ 

Psych-K®  came into my life a few years before Marc passed away in 2009 providing me with the tools I needed to navigate my way through all that was going on in my  personal and professional life at the time, empowering me in ways I didn't know were possible.  

My Clinical Hypnotherapy and  Self Hypnosis training has gifted me with a deeper connection with myself and has supported me in numerous self affirming, transformative ways post loss of both my boys.   

​My personal journey has helped shape what I offer in my Health By Design Consulting Business

​I look forward to hearing from you 

Most sincerely,