Melanie is a genuine and constant inspiration on anyone's  journey of wellbeing as she wholeheartedly embodies optimum health and vitality in all aspects of life.
Always a shining light! Her dedication to helping others with compassionate understanding will guide you lovingly towards your own best self.
I am in  gratitude for all she has inspired in me and those around her. Thank you
Not only will her knowledge and experience empower you, but her presence is such a true joy and gift.
"When I think Health I think Melanie"
Your friend and colleague

~ Karen B - Kelowna, BC

The journey shapes the present

Health by Design Testimonials ~ Kind comments shared by Melanie's clients & colleagues

"Melanie Pouliot is an amazing resource in the field of 

Holistic Health and Nutrition"

"Melanie shares her wealth of information in a practical and heart-centered manner. Melanie is intuitive and has a beautiful way of individualizing treatments for her clients. She provides valuable information in a manner that is easy to comprehend and delivers her messages with respect and dignity."
~ Carol L.B. - Kamloops

"I became familiar with Melanie’s expertise in 1994. I came to her for chronic yeast infections, headaches and debilitating seasonal allergies. She recommended specific products and dietary changes to get control of my problems. Although sceptical, I tried what Melanie recommended and found great relief very quickly. I find her to be professional, knowledgeable and caring."
~ P.C. -LPN - Kamloops

"Mel has a special way of taking complex information about health and nutrition and making it simple. If you have any questions about diet or supplementation, Melanie is the first person I would recommend."

~ J.H. – Leadership Facilitator - Kamloops

"Melanie is a wonderful Holistic Nutritionist. I would highly recommend making thestep to your well being with the support of Melanie’s knowledge and gentle knowing. I have worked with Melanie on my own health, and have recommended her to my family and friends, and although each person had different health concerns Melanie’s depth of knowledge allowed for them to transform into wholeness."
~ Therese D. - Kamloops

"I have known Melanie for 20 years and have seen nothing but advancement in the field of health and wellness and a continual increase of commitment, compassion, and integrity. It is not merely her years of experience, nor her credentials that make her an exceptional healer, but it is her passion to see people whole again through diet and lifestyle modifications. With the wisdom that comes from knowledge put into practice, she uses her awareness to go beyond the symptoms and straight to the root and source of the ailment. She has a beautiful gift …she sees each person as an individual, their body uniquely formed. When you are in Melanie’s presence, you are the most important person to her."
~ L.T.B. -Invermere

"Meeting with Melanie Pouliot is one of the kindest and most loving things I have done for myself. Melanie's approach to assisting people to live their live's to their fullest potential is done in a gentle way that is very effective. Melanie's extensive knowledge of what our bodies need to be their best would fill volumes and yet Melanie breaks it down for each individual. There was time in my life when every six months I would have to take time out because I didn't feel well. After meeting with Melanie that all changed.

I highly recommend taking the time to meet with Melanie."
~Michelle G. - Kamloops

Melanie's Personal Health Journey  (2016 )                        ​​

"My own health journey began over 26 years ago.  I was pregnant with my third child and happened to be experiencing  multiple health complications.  

My doctor could do nothing for me and my only answer was to look at the holistic, natural route.  I was very fortunate to have  loving, guided support and a mentor work with me.

Slowly but surely I began to have an amazing turnaround.  I couldn't believe that it was possible to feel as good as I did and in such a short period of time.  It showed me how miraculous the healing potential is within our bodies.

I studied, read and gathered as much information as I could over the next 10  years.  During those years my oldest son was diagnosed with a terminal Brain Cancer.  I applied the holistic lifestyle, diet and supplements that provided my healing to his wellness plan.  He also had amazing results.  He was strong, healthy, active and vibrant, living 15 years past the death sentence given by his oncologists.  It was quite the journey for our family and for me it inspired me to further my education and studies in the wellness field.  It has brought me to today where I work with clients from all walks of life and with a myriad of health challenges.  I count it a privilege and honour to assist you.  Thank You!"

"Please contact me today.

Now is the time to be the best you can be.  

I look forward to partnering with you"

"Melanie is an amazing Holistic Health Coach" 

"It has been my absolute pleasure to assist my clients with their health concerns and wellness goals.  

I have learned from my clients as much as they have learned from me".


I have known Melanie for over 20 years in many different capacities. I initially met her through  Shaklee and benefited physically from the product knowledge she shared and her support in providing options that fit within my very limited budget.

More recently, Melanie facilitated her Psych-K training to encourage me to use my mind to support rather than limit myself, both in a physical part of my life as well as a non-physical area.

I have also consulted with Mel to meet my specific nutritional needs. In all three of these areas, I have been repeatedly impressed with her dedication to health and wholeness, and with the breadth and depth of her knowledge.
More important than Melanie’s knowledge and experience has been her inspiring example. I am one who struggles to find clear direction in my life. Watching Melanie instinctively pursue well-defined goals with focus and integrity has provided me with both an example to admire and a model to guide my own growth in this area. Another personal trait that draws me to Melanie is her dedication to embracing life fully in all its many colors. She truly embodies the truth of “Carpe diem”, whether treating her clients, travelling the world, grieving losses, or enjoying her family.
Melanie does not persuade or seek to convert. Rather, she presents information and gently encourages people to choose to live in their own best interests. I am fortunate to have benefitted from her encouragement and am honoured to offer my strong endorsement of all that Melanie has, does, and is."

~ Kathryn H - RN - Clearwater, BC